Laboratory Equipment Company (Pvt) Ltd
Founder President : Mr.David.S.Rasiah

Service to science and medicine since 1956… bringing the best quality home to Sri Lanka to help empower laboratories and manufactures to make more accurate diagnostic decisions. Laboratory Equipment Company (Pvt) Ltd, has more than Six decades of history in importing and distributing “Anything & Everything for a laboratory” as the Founder president (CEO) Mr.David.S.Rasiah says -It was his passion during his studies for BSE(Inter University of London exams) was to startup a business that would endeavor to serve the science education in Sri Lanka with the best quality Laboratory Equipment,  Glassware, Chemicals, Engineering, Scientific & Medical instruments, for teaching and training. Mr.David.S.Rasiah successfully established his business in 1956, and over the years have acquired many exclusive agencies with high standard of manufacturing suppliers, whom the company represents on an exclusive basis. The company now represents many world renowned manufacturer / supplier companies around the globe. Eg: UK, USA, GERMANY, DENMARK, SWEDEN, JAPAN, CHINA & INDIA. When it comes to buying laboratory equipment, whether for education at manufacturing or a school, quality must be of utmost importance in order to ensure that results are reliable and end products are of equally high standards -and we just ensure that!

Intergrity, simplicity and the ethical and moral values of Mr.David.S.Rasiah’s nature is strongly evident and reflected through out the company’s business practices making laboratory equipment the most popular choice with laboratories and medical establishments island wide. More over they boast that they are the only company dealing in these lines of business who have been long lasting and have stood the test of time, since 1956… and now have grown into a family business, assuring the best service at all times… We offer unmatched after-sales service on all products sold, directly from our local office. We thank you for taking time to visit our web site, please return to check our latest product line listings, additions and news. Looking forward  to serving you.